CAIF Performance

The Clime Australian Income Fund (established July 2015) has an investment horizon of a minimum of 3 years. Short term returns are therefore not necessarily reflective of our long term goals.

Wholesale Fund Performance to 31 May 2017Portfolio ReturnIncomeCapital GrowthVolatility**
1 month0.11%0.00%0.11%-
3 months2.22%0.92%1.28%-
6 months6.24%1.83%4.33%2.81%
1 year9.44%4.44%4.78%3.06%

* Inception date as at 1 July 2015 (Wholesale) at which point the Fund’s units NAV was struck at an inception price of AUD 1.00. Performance figures compare unit price to unit price for the given period. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

** Volatility is based on the standard deviation of weekly price movements.

NOTE: Compound (geometric) returns are used in the above table’s segmentation of Income and Capital Growth. This may result in small differences when compared with a straight addition of income and Capital Growth components.

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