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Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

Planning for your retirement is essential and superannuation plays a big part in making sure you’re ready. There are many different types of superannuation funds available for investors, including industry funds, retail funds and corporate superannuation. More and more Australians every year are choosing to set up their own SMSF: a superannuation scheme that provides retirement income for the members of that fund.

The advantages of establishing and managing your own SMSF are significant. These include choice of investments; flexibility of tax planning; ability to transfer assets ‘in specie’ into the fund, including shares, commercial real estate and term deposits; pooling of family assets into one vehicle; flexibility regarding transition to retirement options (beneficial from a tax perspective); and access to franking credits, which can be offset against tax payable by your super fund (or you can currently receive a refund if no tax is payable).

When considering an SMSF, you should take into account the time required to administer your SMSF and obligations associated with being a Trustee. You should also consider the amount you have to invest and whether an SMSF is a cost-effective option for you. While you can have either an individual or a corporate Trustee for your SMSF, Clime uses a corporate Trustee structure to provide ease of administration and the enduring nature of a corporate entity.

SMSF Setup

When setting up an SMSF, it is important to do so correctly. Clime Super will ensure your SMSF is set up to avoid penalties or extra taxes on your fund. Clime Super will also provide an administration agreement that outlines in detail who is responsible for what, so there are never any surprises or tasks that are missed. We’ll set your fund up with a corporate trustee, manage all paperwork and handle all the archiving and storage of your important documents.

For more information, contact one of our Advisers.

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Investment strategy

Developing (and sticking to) an investment strategy is not just critical for your retirement: it is one of your obligations as Trustee of your SMSF. Making sure you consider a portfolio of investments that encompasses a range of asset classes is important to effectively managing risk and delivering target returns that will meet your goals in retirement.

Through our Private Wealth team, Clime will assist with developing your investment strategy to deliver target returns that will help you achieve the lifestyle you’re seeking in retirement. To make an appointment with your Private Wealth adviser, click here.

Ongoing administration

Once your SMSF is established, Clime Super will receive all mail correspondence and manage all administration on your behalf. We will work in partnership with you to develop your contribution strategy and assist you in planning your transition to retirement. It goes without saying of course that we will ensure that your SMSF is compliant with all government regulations and keep you regularly informed of any changes to superannuation legislation.

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Clime Private Wealth - Investments


Noting is more important than peace of mind. Clime Super will provide you with real time reporting through our online portal, ensuring you can keep track of your SMSF’s performance.

To learn more about different investment structures, speak with your Private Wealth Adviser or contact Clime Super directly on 1300 788 568.

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