Clime Australian Value Fund

Clime Australian Value Fund (CAVF)

The objective of the Fund is to provide strong risk-adjusted total return over the long term (5-7 years) by investing in securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

If you’d like your money to be invested using Clime’s strong expertise and proven value investing methodology, then the CAVF Managed Fund may be appropriate for you to consider. It gives you access to Clime’s expertise and methodology with a minimum investment of only $10,000.

Like the Clime Discrete Share Portfolio (DSP) Individual Managed Account service, the CAVF Managed Fund uses a value-based investing approach – a rational and proven approach to growing capital over time.

Contact us today, or download our Clime Australian Value Fund Brochures to find out how Clime can use its expertise value investing methodology to increase your investments. So, if you want to feel confident that your money is being invested using research and methodology which has consistently seen us maximise the returns for our clients, let Clime use its expertise to contribute to your wealth.

Note: Clime Australian Value Fund Product Disclosure Statement re-issued

You can request a free paper copy of the PDS and the Additional Information Booklet by contacting Clime on 1300 788 568.


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