Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund (Wholesale)

Watch the Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund (Wholesale) September Quarter update by Portfolio Manager, Scott Maddock

The objective of the Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund (Wholesale) is to provide strong risk-adjusted total returns over the medium to long-term (3+ years) by investing in securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange.

We believe that in the short-term markets are inefficient and investors are irrational and therefore that disciplined active management can add value through the economic and market cycle. Over a rolling three to five-year investment horizon we expect to achieve a total return of 7% p.a. beyond the Consumer Price Index (CPI)*. The Fund aims to achieve a return higher than the broader market benchmark (the S&P ASX200 Accumulation Index) while assuming a similar level of total risk.

The Fund is suitable for those seeking primarily capital growth, with some supplementary income derived largely from dividends. This is a wholesale fund and you must qualify as a sophisticated investor to invest.

The Clime CBG Australian Equities Fund (Wholesale) has an investment horizon of a minimum of 3 years. Short-term returns are therefore not necessarily reflective of our long-term goals.

Contact us today, or download our Information Memorandum and Product Brochure to find out how Clime can use its proven expertise to increase the value of your investment portfolio.

* CPI refers to the trimmed mean measure of the Australian Consumer Price Index. The CPI has averaged 2-3% p.a. over recent decades.

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