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Clime International Fund

The Clime International Fund (CIF) aims to provide consistent capital growth and a growing level of income over the long term (5-7 years) by investing in international securities.

If you’d like your money to be invested using Clime’s strong expertise and proven value investing methodology, which has seen positive returns for our clients for a number of years, but would also like to have exposure to international markets and securities, then the Clime International Fund may be appropriate for you to consider.

It gives you access to Clime’s absolute return focused, value-based investing methodology with a minimum investment of $10,000. Rather than ‘trading’ shares, we think of ‘acquiring’ stakes in listed businesses. The key principle of value investing is to purchase investments at prices lower than their value and maintain the discipline to sell investments as long as they move beyond their value.

Clime works with our highly respected international partner (Sanlam Private Investments – UK) in conducting consistent research on international businesses. We only invest our clients’ money in companies that meet our strict investment criteria. While share prices are freely available to anyone, the actual value of shares must be calculated, and share valuation is one of Clime’s core competencies. We have expanded our core valuation process and principles to cover the universe of international securities.

The Fund is intended to be a medium to high-risk fund, however the ability of the Fund to hold a significant cash position allows for capital preservation and the delivery of a smoother return profile.

Wholesale Fund Performance to 31 March 2019AUD Portfolio Return
1 month1.8%
3 months6.6%
6 months1.6%
1 year10.7%
2 years10.9% p.a.
3 years9.8% p.a.
Inception8.9% p.a.

Inception: Wholesale Units: 4 March 2014 .Performance figures for more than 1 year are annualised, calculated after all applicable fees and taxes. Performance figures compare unit price to unit price for the given period. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

Contact us today, or download our Clime International Fund Brochures to find out how Clime can use its expertise and value investing methodology to increase your investments.

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