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You can start your Individually Manager Account with cash, an existing share portfolio (“legacy” holdings) or a mix of both. Your cash will be deployed to purchase a share portfolio when stocks are at prices the Clime Investment Team believe are appropriate to meeting the objectives of your portfolio. Note that this can take some time, as we endeavour to wait for the right market conditions to optimise your investment performance.

If you elect to have your existing share portfolio managed by us within an IMA, we will first of all evaluate your portfolio. We will sell, buy or possibly retain some stocks. Over time, your shareholding will be managed to deliver on your investment objectives.

Your Individually Managed Account is always accessible online. In addition, by being part of Clime, you have unique access to one of our experienced Private Wealth Advisers to help you achieve your goals. You will receive regular market information and updates prepared by our Investment Team and receive a statement detailing performance and fees quarterly. There is of course an annual statement which is produced in September to assist you with your tax return.

Clime’s Investment Team for you to hear directly about the issues being considered in managing client investments. We also encourage you to attend any of our investment briefings, where you can meet with our Management and Investment Teams face-to-face.

A listing of events and dates is available on our Clime Events page. We look forward to meeting with you in person.


For more information regarding our Individually Managed Account Service, please download the following brochures:

Download the Financial Service Guide (FSG)

Download the Individually Managed Account Service Brochure [PDF]

Download the Individually Managed Account Service Application Form [PDF]

or call 1300 788 568 to speak to one of our Private Wealth Advisers.

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