Our Investing Philosophy

Clime Asset Management applies a consistent value-based approach to identify the most attractive investment opportunities within our universe of stocks.

We are objective based investors and seek to deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns.
Clime’s investment objectives are aligned with our client’s investment objectives and are centred on helping everyday Australians achieve security in their retirement.

At Clime our investment goals are to;
Grow your retirement savings,
Guard your retirement savings along the way, and
Generate meaningful retirement income

We don’t focus on;
– Peer group surveys,
– Traditional benchmarks,
– Short-term returns, or
– Tracking error

Because none of these things will help you achieve security in your retirement.

Clime’s investment approach
– Focusses on best ideas and selective opportunities
– Forgets traditional benchmarks and peer group surveys, and
– Manages total risk

We seek to deliver a smooth profile of returns over a five to seven year investment horizon and are cognisant of the old adage that “the best way to make money, is to not lose it in the first place”.

Our investment goals

Clime seeks to deliver strong risk-adjusted total returns. We aim to extract a solid return from the equity market while assuming an appropriate level of risk. A foundation of our investment approach is that investment risk must be appropriately compensated.

We employ an investment framework of
– Capital deployed
– At what risk
– For what likely outcome

Over the long term we aim to achieve a higher return than the market index with lower volatility.

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