CAVF Performance

Annualised Performance to 31 August 2018Retail Fund
1 month4.72%
6 months10.49%
1 year19.69%
3 years*7.92%
5 years*3.83%
6 years*5.95%

*Performance figures are for the Clime Australian Value Fund – Retail (CAVF). Annualised investment performance is after all applicable fees and taxes. Inception Date of Fund: 28th August 2006. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

We would also like to point out that the CAVF has paid out solid distributions over the period.

Clime Australian Value Fund – Retail Units

Fiscal Year EndUnit PriceDistribution Amount
Distribution (%)
30th June 20181.24596.2758 cents5.0%
30th June 20171.14753.2979 cents2.9%
30th June 20161.09772.3948 cents2.2%
30th June 20151.22628.8734 cents7.2%
30th June 20141.34648.4602 cents6.3%
30th June 20131.32955.7377 cents4.3%
30th June 20121.24055.1285 cents4.1%
30th June 20111.25716.8252 cents5.4%
30th June 20101.09356.2186 cents5.7%
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