How do I start a DSP?

You can start your DSP with cash, an existing share portfolio (“legacy” holdings) or a mix of both.

Your cash will be used to purchase a share portfolio when stocks are “in value”. Note that this can take some time, generally 6 to 9 months, but potentially up to 1 year. At Clime, we endeavour to wait for the right market conditions. If the share market is running hot, it is more difficult to find stocks in value than in a bear market. Clime has provided investors with superior returns over the long run, by being patient and by picking the best quality companies on the ASX.

If you elect to have your existing share portfolio managed by us within a DSP, we will first of all evaluate your portfolio. We will sell, buy or possibly retain some stocks. Over time, your shareholding will be converted to a value investment portfolio.

We offer a complimentary portfolio assessment for anyone who qualifies as a wholesale investor. Generally, this applies to those with more than $1 million to invest.

We offer a complimentary portfolio assessment for anyone who qualifies as a wholesale investor. You can request this portfolio assessment via the link here

But the first step to becoming a client can be even easier. Simply call a Private Client Director or email us and provide your contact details and we arrange a time for a discussion.

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