What is an Individually Managed Account (IMA)?

If you’re a high net worth individual or institutional investor who has decided they’d like to let a trusted company handle your investments, one of Clime’s Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) may be appropriate for you to consider.

An individually managed account is a portfolio of a variety of asset classes that may include equities, income securities, managed funds or direct property (and depending upon market conditions, a balance of cash) that is managed for you and designed to achieve your investment objectives.

Even though the overall investment approach is the same, based on Clime’s proven value-based philosophy, individually managed accounts will differ based on the underlying risk risk / growth / income objectives. They have been established at different times, with different amounts and cash flow profiles. Some have been set up with an existing asset portfolio that we refine when the time is right. Others might start with mostly cash, which we invest when and where we see most attractive opportunities.

Regardless of how and when the money was originally invested, over time each individual asset class will tend towards our model portfolios, whilst the asset mix will be tailored to your requirements with the aim of delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long term *.

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