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StocksInValue (SIV) is a unique equity research platform covering the ASX and 31 international stock exchanges. SIV’s analysis is underpinned by the experience and knowledge of Clime’s experienced team of investment analysts.

Investors are increasingly choosing to take control of their investment decisions. To achieve this goal with confidence, quality stock research is essential. Sources such as online brokers offer some free ‘research’ and there’s no shortage of ‘tip-sheets’, but we believe successful investing is a long-term approach and that appropriately informed investors are more likely to be successful in the equity market.

Our objective is to provide all investors with insights and conclusions on stocks around the globe that institutional investors benefit from, via a low-cost subscription service that is easy to use and fully supported by an experienced investment and team.

We don’t follow the market. We not only look at the company, we consider the overall economy / economic outlook globally. We make clear, straight forward conclusions based on key valuation metrics and the macro-economic environment to determine stock valuations.

Importantly, investing is serious business. As a SIV subscriber, we provide you with weekly insights via our publication ‘The View; regular insights from our investment analysts; and updates on individual stock valuations. You will also receive information on Clime’s Model Portfolio, which has achieved over 50% performance since inception. This information keeps you up-to-date on Clime’s view of company valuations.

While we try to present information clearly and our conclusions in plain English, successful investing can be necessarily complex. Therefore, we will always try to educate and develop our users’ understanding of investing, through more detailed webinars, videos and white-papers, where necessary. The more you understand about investing, the more you can benefit from our service.

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