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Clime is an independent, highly-esteemed Australian fund manager specialising in value investing and focused on delivering absolute returns. We are run by a team of experienced investors, for investors.

Through our two main trading entities, Clime Asset Management, our funds management business, and StocksInValue, which provides company valuation and research to 1,700 members across Australia, Clime offers a range of services and products for retail and wholesale investors.

We understand that you want a sensible, proven approach to investing your money, and that’s why we implement the best research methods and strategies available when investing in the stock market. Clime Asset Management’s team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals who have an outstanding reputation and success in the financial services industries both in Australia, and internationally.

We are passionate about investor education, and offer regular free training and information sessions Australia wide, as well as online training videos for our clients, subscribers and members.

Our proven results demonstrate the power of our absolute return approach and our value investing philosophy. In today’s volatile marketplace, Clime offers a sensible approach for your financial needs.

Clime is dedicated to providing value to our clients, and this is reflected in our corporate values of integrity, transparency and conviction. It’s our goal to provide access for all investors to a strategy and products intended to create long-term wealth.

In the words of our Chief Investment Officer, John Abernethy: “Integrity, to us, means doing what we say and remaining true to our beliefs. In a marketplace that is sometimes characterised by irrational exuberance, short-term greed, uncertainty and apprehension, we aim to be a voice of reason.”


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