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Founded by John Abernethy in 1996, Clime listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2001. Over the past 17 years, Clime has grown consistently each year, helping more and more of our high net worth and sophisticated investor clients invest in Australian shares selected by our experienced investment professionals.

Our goal is to partner with our clients on life’s journey, wherever that journey may lead. To achieve this goal, we deliver expert and exclusive private wealth advice and investment solutions tailored to meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Values

Our values of Transparency, Integrity and Conviction apply to everything we do – and in fact make up a key component of every Clime team member’s key performance indicators. In a world where trust is the most essential building block of relationships between clients and business, acting true to what we believe in and in the best interests of our clients are non-negotiables.

Private Wealth Advice

Our Private Wealth Advisory service is an exclusive offering tailored for high net worth and sophisticated investor clients of the Clime Group. We have developed the service based on feedback from clients about needing expert advice from a trusted source to help navigate their financial future. Advice can be as simple as advice on establishing a SMSF; to as complex as structuring our clients’ assets to manage the process of intergenerational wealth transfer. Our highly experienced national team assist with meeting advice needs to give clients the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a trusted partner ‘in their corner’.


Our investment solutions are broad and targeted toward helping clients manage risk and achieve security in retirement. We manage investments across a range of asset classes designed to grow and protect wealth for clients while you’re accumulating wealth; and generate meaningful income for clients when you retire.

We don’t think about traditional investment benchmarks or other measures of comparing the herd to each other. Rather, we listen to you and consider which investments are most suited to achieving your goals – then develop our investments to deliver target returns that will meet these objectives. This results in a reliable investment framework that gives our clients a greater likelihood of certainty of outcomes from their investments. Clime’s investment solutions are across a range of asset classes including Australian and global shares, debt and hybrid securities, fixed interest, cash, property and other assets.

Investor Education

We have conducted regular investor education, events and seminars around the country for many years. Our straight-talking, no-nonsense approach to educating investors is sought after as a reliable and stable voice for clients and the broader Australian community.

When you’re part of Clime, you get access to some of the best information in the market – without all the self-serving jargon you hear from others. We pride ourselves in helping distil the complex world of finance to ensure you get the information you need to help you make good financial decisions.

Each year we hold more than 30 seminars and events around the country to share our views and market insights; with the goal of inspiring attendees to take positive action to improve their wealth.

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