Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Clime?

Clime Investment Management Ltd is a publicly listed company (ASX:CIW) with two main entities:

Clime Asset Management Pty Limited (CAMPL), which is our funds management business, and Stocks In Value Pty Limited (StocksInValue), which provides company valuation and research to over 2,000 members across Australia.

Q. What does Clime do?

First and foremost, we are absolute return focused, value based investors and we specialise in Australian securities. We use fundamental analysis to grow our clients’ wealth and provide a range of investment options for retail and wholesale investors. We are also passionate about investor education, which is why we share our investment expertise with DIY investors through StocksInValue.

Q. What is value investing?

The key principle of value investing is to purchase investments at prices that are lower than their intrinsic value. So we must distinguish between value and price. Price is what we pay and value is what we get. But while the price is freely available, value is not and must be estimated. Valuing companies is Clime’s core competency.

Q. How do I access your products?

View our products page. For Individually Managed Accounts (DSP), contact Clime directly. You can download the DSP Information Brochure from this site or have it sent to you on request. For managed funds, download the PDS from this site. It is then a simple matter of filling in the application form.

Q. What is a Discrete Share Portfolio (DSP)?

A DSP is an individually managed share portfolio  and is our name for the product often known as an Individually Managed Account (IMA). The shares in the portfolio are directly owned by the investor, but managed professionally by Clime’s investment experts.

Q. Why are there no performance numbers for DSPs?

It is a near-impossibility to provide performance numbers for DSPs because they are all individual and have different start dates. Additionally, many DSP’s consist of transferred share portfolios that we may change over time, so not all investments have been chosen by us. A more reliable measure is the performance the Clime Australian Value Fund (CAVF), which is managed by us and our largest discrete portfolio.

Q. What makes Clime different from other funds managers?

As genuine absolute return focused, value investors, we do not follow the market or indices. We believe that risk is increased not when fewer shares are owned, but when share investing is neither value oriented nor implemented in a consistent and disciplined way over time.

We do not have a mandate to be fully invested. If we cannot find value in the market, we will attempt to preserve your capital and hold cash. Our investing methodology is transparent and our company valuations are available through StocksInValue.

Q. What is StocksInValue (SIV)?

Previously called MyClime, StocksInValue is our online stock valuation and reporting service. It is the core system that our fund managers use in order to value stock.

Q. What is the relationship between Clime Investment Management Limited (ASX:CIW), Clime Asset Management Pty Limited (CAMPL) and Clime Capital (ASX: CAM)?

CIW is a listed investment company. Clime Asset Management Pty Limited (CAMPL), is our funds management business. CAM is CIW’s  biggest discrete portfolio. The Directors of Clime Capital Limited have signed an agreement with CAMPL to manage a portfolio of Australian shares.

Q. What is the relationship between Clime Investment Management Limited (ASX:CIW), StocksInValue and Clime Asset Management?

Clime Asset Management is a 100% owned subsidiary of CIW. Clime Asset Management manages Discrete Share Portfolios (known as DSP’s) and Clime’s managed funds. StocksInValue is an online company research and valuation service. StocksInValue is a joint venture run in conjunction with Eureka report. It provides members with information on companies listed on the ASX and enables them to manage their own investments using value investing principles.

StocksInValue is used by Clime Asset Management in its investment process.

Q. Can I have access to my portfolio online?

Clime’s Discrete Share Portfolio service clients can access and review their individual investment portfolios online through IRESS. New clients are provided with their own unique client login and password.

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